Tablecloth Project, Part 3: Quilting

It’s on the frame! I loaded the tablecloth onto the frame and I’m having a lot of fun with it. But before I talk about the quilting, let me show you the design transfer.

I decided to not only put the medallion in the center, but also in the four corners, with the center medallion slightly overlapping them.

And now the quilting

Here we are, on the frame. I usually quilt at 10 stitches per inch – it’s a good length for me. But for this and when I did the practice medallion, I put the stitch length to 12. I believe it gives a bit better curves.

I began with the foundation lines, as I did with the practice piece. I had not planned on quilting on the lace – I was going to do that by hand. But when I moved my machine, the foot had a tendency to catch on the lace and I was afraid I’d tear more of it. So, I slowly and carefully zigzagged over it.

A problem arises

When I was preparing the tablecloth, I noticed a hole along one of the sides. You can see it here at the top.

I had a few options to cover the hole. I could applique something over it, stitch around the opening to make it look like the other leaves, put buttons, and more. I ended up layering a piece of matching linen, from a napkin, underneath and putting it in place with a bonding powder. I then put a fray check liquid where the tear is to keep it from fraying.

It’s not the perfect solution, but I think once it’s quilted, we won’t see it.

So, more work to be done. Let’s see what happens next.

If you’d like to see the process, here is the latest video:

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