My Tablecloth Project: The Medallion, Part 2

This segment of my tablecloth project is about designing the medallion, which will be the focal point of the design. Following introducing my idea of working on an antique tablecloth, I realized I needed to practice before actually trying to work on it. So although this is part of the tablecloth project, the tablecloth doesn’t actually appear in this instalment. If you would like to see the process as I went along, there is a video link below.

I knew I wanted an original medallion in the center of the tablecloth, so I designed one late one night when I couldn’t sleep. I thoroughly enjoy this type of designing and I’m thinking of coming up with a line of mini-wholecloth designs to sell. I’m not sure yet. Anyway, here was the process.

Designing the medallion

Using a grid and some tracing paper, I designed the medallion “foundation lines” as I call them. These are what set my design. I could do straight lines and angles, curves, or a combination. I decided I wanted only curves because I thought they would suit the tablecloth.

After a while of playing with curves and angles, I came up with this pattern, which would be transferred to the 22” square of fabric I was going to use for this medallion practice piece:

When that was done, I layered another piece of tracing paper over it to work on filling the different segments of the medallion. These designs would not be transferred to the fabric, but were to help me decide what I would quilt and where. It would be my guide:

Once I was happy, it was time to transfer the foundation lines to the fabric and then start quilting.

I prepared the fabric by dividing it in four so I could position the pattern on the fabric, and use the light box transfer the lines. I used a water soluble marker. More details are available in the video.

I used Glide thread for both the top and bobbin thread. The colour name is khaki but it’s far from the army khaki we’re familiar with. What made it special is the thread has a shimmering effect that looks like gold, so it sparkles on the fabric. It’s really very pretty.

Medallion on practice piece

Here is my video, where I show you what I explained here:

Now that I’ve completed this, I feel like I can tackle the tablecloth. Stay tuned for part 3!

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