Christmas Box Reveal: Day 15

We are heading closer and closer to my last gift in my Christmas box. I am going to miss opening them and making these short videos!

Yesterday, I mentioned that something was happening here and now I can tell you. I didn’t want to mention it beforehand in case it didn’t happen.

A TV news reporter from our local Global News affiliate came by to film a segment on my donation quilts to Bread & Beyond’s Essential boxes. She was here for a bit over an hour. We did an interview, she recorded me quilting and then took photos of some of my best quilts. The purpose was to have a feel-good story for the holidays. The reporter doesn’t know the date the segment will show but after it does appear, it will also be on their website, so I’ll post the link. So thank you Global News for highlighting the great work done by the folks over at Bread & Beyond. Here is their website, and here is their Facebook page.

And now… I bring to you gift number 15.

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