My Article About Jenny Doan, of MSQC

As a health writer, I spend my days writing about medicine, health, and wellness. Some of it is easy to write, some is much more difficult – it all depends on who the client is that day and the topic. But my writing also allows me to have some fun. I’ve written a few articles about quilting, but my favourite so far is one I just wrote about Jenny Doan, co-founder and public face of Missouri Star Quilting Company (MSQC).

It’s funny (to me) how this story came to be. I was writing an article about physicians communicating with patients for better healthcare outcomes. For some reason, I happened to mention my quilting to the person who was representing one of the physicians I interviewed. And, in one of those “you never know who you will meet” moments, she mentioned that she represented Jenny who just wrote a biography. Would I like to have a copy and interview Jenny, she asked.

What quilter would turn down that opportunity?

For those of you who have watched her videos on YouTube, yes – Jenny is as delightful to chat with over Zoom as she seems online. She was so generous with her time and such fun. You can tell she’s been talking to many people about the book, but I was able to get some information from her that I’d not read in previous interviews.

We talked about her business, her quilting – we even talked about my quilting and my donation quilts.

If you would like to read the article, it’s over on How Quilting Can Bring Healing.

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As well as a few on other topics, including my favourite, Ted Lasso Reminds Us of The Importance of Kindness.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to write about something I love. I am a very lucky person. And thank you to Jenny Doan for helping make this world a little brighter.

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