How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Needle Holes

It’s inevitable that at some point we will have to pick out quilting stitches. It’s annoying and time consuming – and it can leave a mess behind. The holes that your needle made when you made those stitches can stand out like a sore thumb. But worry not! There is a way to take care of those pesky needle holes and it’s so simple.

Needle holes left behind after picking out stitches

All you need is a spritz of water.

spray some water on the needle holes

Rub the water in and….

The holes are gone.

You can get the same effect if you were doing applique or just sewing something together rather than quilting. This is on 100% quilting quality cotton, so I can’t vouch that this works on other fabrics.

Do you have any similar types of tips or tricks?

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