Finished My Zoo Family Portrait Quilt!

I think I may have outdone myself with this one. The quilt is absolutely stunning. I still need to add the binding, which will likely be the same fabric as the background, which you see above the animals. (Update: I decided to add a facing instead of a binding. I attached the video below for those who would like to see how to apply a facing.)

Zoo Family Portrait

I absolutely love this quilt. If you are interested in the pattern, I got it from The (Not So) Dramatic Life site. I followed the pattern pretty faithfully but I swapped out the background fabric with one that had some texture. I took about 14 hours of freehand quilting, no idea how long to sew the top together though. Oh, and I used 30 different colours of thread.

I won’t say anything else, but just show you the photos. I tried to quilt each animal uniquely and I think I accomplished my goal.


Here are some close ups:

I think the lion is my favourite but I like the cockatoo a lot too.

Want to see how I finished it? Here is a short video on how to apply facing instead of binding.

Now, on to the next project!

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