Binding Tips Courtesy of My Donation Quilts

Whether you’re new to quilting or you’ve been quilting for a while but you struggle with bindings, you may find my new video helpful.

This past weekend, I completed a bunch of quilts for an organization here in Montreal that helps people leave homelessness. The first batches of quilts I gave were different designs, but these 15 are scrappy square quilts. I tried to vary the quilting so each is unique. Since I had to bind so many, I figured it was a good opportunity to share my technique by video.

Here is a very brief video explaining what the organization does and why I choose to give to them.

Hand sewing versus machine sewing a binding

In the first part, I talk about and show you how to attached a binding for machine sewing. I do most of my bindings by hand – sewing them by machine to the front and then by hand to the back. But when I’m making a lot of them, like these donation quilts, I do it by machine. If you already know how to put binding on, but you want to see how I attach my binding at the end, skip to minute 12.

I hope some of my tips are helpful. How do you like to bind your quilts?

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