Hug Quilts, Comfort Quilts – Spreading Kindness

Do you know what hug quilts are? Maybe you know them by another name, comfort quilts? Hug quilts or comfort quilts are quilts made for people who are going through a tough time. They may be undergoing chemotherapy, recovering from a serious accident, or mourning the loss of a loved one. Whatever their problems, a hug quilt is meant for them to feel loved and treasured.

I make my hug quilts smallish in size

I make lots of hug quilts. My quilts are all different sizes, but they’re most often not wider than about 40 inches, maybe as long as 50 inches. I make them this size on purpose because they fit well when you’re sitting in a chair, like a chemo chair, or you’re curled up on the couch. It’s also easily washed, unlike the larger bed quilts.

Most of the time, the recipients don’t know the hug quilt is coming and that’s a big part of the fun for me. I make them, pop them in the mail and watch the tracking progress until the parcel arrives.

My own hug quilt

I received my own hug quilt 15 years ago, when my brother, JP, died by suicide. He was 35 years old. I belong to an internet quilt group and we used to collect heart squares to keep in a bank, so a hug quilt can be sewn together quickly when a member needs one. I was so touched to receive my quilt, especially since the group itself was going through a major transition at the time.

My own hug quilt

The quilt hangs on my quilt rack in the living room, to be pulled off as needed. It means a lot to me. Losing a loved one is tough. Losing a loved one to suicide is tough beyond description. So I know what it’s like to be on both sides. I love knowing that I’ve spread a bit of love and sunshine to people when they need it most. And I know how important it is to receive such a gift.

Have you ever made or received a hug quilt?

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