How Did I Quilt That: NYC Skyline

When I first saw this NYC skyline panel, I knew I had to have it. My original intention was to use it for a One Block Wonder quilt – but it turned out that there was too much black to really work. That and the panel was just too pretty to cut up. So I used some ombre fabric to create some wall hangings. A few have an orange/yellow/red background, others have green/purple. They’ll all have their unique quilting.

NYC skyline, longarm quilting


Densely quilted piece

This one was the first of the wall hangings and I put a lot of thought into the quilting. The result is a beautiful, densely quilted piece. However, I won’t be doing it with so much again! The harsh zigzagging in the water was too hard on my machine and a wire on the motherboard became loose, which meant “Nicki,” my longarm machine, had to go be repaired. Ooops. I used a combination of thread types so I could match the colors, and the batting is two layers: back layer is Hobbs 80/20 and the front layer is wool for it’s puffier look.

multiple colour threads for my NYC skyline wall hanging

I started by doing scallops, using a ruler, along the border and clam shells along the black.

Then I began working on the sky – loose stars and meandering, followed by outlining and highlighting the buildings and the shore.

Finally, I heavily zigzagged all over the water to give it a feeling of motion.

Because I was using so many colors, it was a bit more time consuming than I thought it would be, but I am happy with the result. This one is for sale in my shop, if anyone is interested.

So, this is how I quilted my NYC Skyline.

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