Finding Your Sewing Space

Sometimes I read quilting blogs or watch YouTube videos and my jaw drops at some of the quilting rooms and sewing space. They’re huge, bright, airy, and full of great quilty toys. But not everyone can do that. I know I can’t.

When I first began quilting, I used the kitchen table. I had two toddlers at the time, so I had to be extra careful with pins and other sharp tools. I also had limited time because was working as an RN, along with raising the kids with my husband (a third child followed not long after). 

We eventually moved into a larger house and I had the corner of a dining room to use. That still wasn’t ideal. But at least I didn’t have to put my machine away every time we needed the kitchen table. When my kids grew up and away, I inherited a spare room. This was a room I could turn into my own space! Sadly, I lost that space when we downsized and once again, I was relegated to the dining room. Finally, all the chickies flew the nest and I ended up with this larger, more comfortable space.

So, what do you need in a sewing space? Really, all you need is a sturdy table for your machine, enough space on a table for your cutting mat and fabric, good lighting and you’re good to go. If you’re hand quilting, you may need enough space for a stand-up hoop or frame. I used to use frames and hoops, but I don’t any more. I just hold the quilt in my lap and let gravity pull down on the fabric to give me enough tension.

If your space is temporary, like my kitchen table was, a plastic tub that can hold your current projects is a big help. You can just pop everything back in there and know that it’s all in the same place. Some quilters have carved space out of closets. They take the door off, install lighting and a good table, and a tiny quilting space now exists. 

You may need to be creative to make your own space, but most of the time, it is possible. Check out Pinterest for ideas. Just look for sewing rooms or sewing nooks. Remember that a successful quilt does not depend on having all the bells and whistles of a large sewing studio. You only need a bit of space and the desire to create your first quilt.

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