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Amsterdam: Den Haan & Wagenmakers Quilt Shop

Last October, I went to the Netherlands – a country I’d not visited since I was a toddler. My husband and I did all the regular tourist things while we were there, and I had the opportunity to take him on a side trip to ‘s-Hertogenbosch (called Den Bosch for short) to see where my parents grew up. And, of course, I sought out quilt shops.

Mistakes Happen: Done is better than perfect

Are you a perfectionist? This is something I fight a lot, but it’s funny. In some ways, I don’t really care how things turn out as long as they do. But in other things, I am so much a perfectionist that it paralyzes me. After all, if it’s not perfect, why do it? Quilting has taught me to be less a perfectionist because we all make mistakes. If a quilter tells you they have never made a mistake, don’t believe them. Whether it’s sewing a piece of fabric down the wrong way, cutting a wrong size, or miscalculating a measurement, mistakes happen. It’s what we do with these mistakes that counts.

Copyright and why it’s important

Copyright and why it’s important

It happens all the time. Someone sees a photo or image they like online and they copy it. They may save it on their computer, and then use it later in a project. Or they may print it on a t-shirt or post it in a blog post or on their website. They think it’s all good because they’re not selling it, trying to make any profit from it. Perhaps they see a pattern they like but don’t want to pay for it . With some patience and know-how, they copy the pattern and start to make their own identical quilts (or other product) based on what they saw. It seems perfectly harmless right? After all, it’s on the internet. Actually, it’s theft because of something called copyright.