Christmas Box Reveal: Day 5

And the fun continues. Having a little something to open each morning is fun. I’m so glad I signed up for this. If I remember correctly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to but then I figured, “why not?”

December 5th is a day with some interesting events in history. Here are just a few:

  • 1837, an uprising in Canada, under William Lyon Mackenzie
  • 1846, C F Schoenbein gets a patent for cellulose nitrate explosive
  • 1854 brought us something more comfortable than explosives, it was when Aaron Allen patented the folding theatre chair.
  • 1876 was a sad day as 295 people died in Brooklyn Theater in a fire.
  • 1905 saw Henry Campbell-Bannerman become Prime Minister of the UK
  • 1929 brought about the first US nudist organization, the American League for Physical Culture in NYC.
  • 1952 was weather-related, bringing the London Killer Fog
  • 1968 was a musical day as the Rolling Stones released “Beggars Banquet.”
  • 2008 was a justice day, as OJ Simpson was sentenced.

And now….here is today’s short video and today, YouTube and my site are talking to each other. Yay!

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