Christmas Box Reveal: Day 23

Wow, is the weather ever lousy. The past two years, the holiday season was interrupted by COVID-19 and this year, it seems Mother Nature isn’t too thrilled with the three viruses going around – Covid, influenza, and RSV – and she’s still trying to keep us home. Bah humbug! But seriously folks, if you live in an area that is being hit with bad weather – snow, freezing rain, ice, high winds, you name it – please be careful. I want you all to come back to read my blog and watch my videos – and for you to be safe with your family and friends.

I have three gifts left to open. I’ve been joking that I’ll be sad but you know what? There will be a let down I think when I wake up on the 26th and won’t have a gift reveal to record. I’ll have to think of something else fun to do. And now, on to the reveal:

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