Month: March 2020

Let’s Talk About Backings

Do you wonder about how to back your quilts? Do you struggle to find the right backing? Should you, could you use a sheet? What about a softer fabric, like flannel or minky? The short answer for the last two questions is, if that’s what you want to do, then go ahead. But here is the longer answer if you’d like to learn more.

Should Quilters Be Sewing Masks for Medical Staff?

Over the past few days, there have been many social media posts and news articles about sewing masks and how quilters and anyone who sews can make surgical masks. These are to help frontline medical staff protect themselves from the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Should we or shouldn’t we be doing this?

Liberty of London

I love to travel, to visit friends and have new experiences. In March 2019 of last year, I had the opportunity to visit a friend who had moved temporarily to the United Kingdom. I’d never been to London so it was a great opportunity to see this city I’ve only seen in movies or on television. And of course, I had to check to see if there were any quilt shops I could visit.